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#1 The GOLDEN TUTORIALS of a 1.5M plays HIT-MAKER.

You'll watch him creating two Future Bass tracks, during 3 hours so you'll get a mass of super important techniques to get pro !

#2 The FULL BREAKDOWN of a Future House BANGER.

Want to know how to really make the difference in the Future House Industry ? The producer we called for that tutorial will teach you.

You'll learn every single trick he uses for a such original track !

#3 How to make POP/FUNK for a charted TRACK..

On top of the tutorial on how to use PRISM already included in it, we added 3 tutorials showing how to create Future Pop/Funk hits from one simple MIDI File.

We hate people dropping soundbanks without explaining how to render the best from it. You won't feel lost using this. 2 tracks made.

With these THREE main courses to watch, you also get FREE Organized Bonuses :

  • Never-seen-before techniques from what I've learned during 4 years (value 59€)
  • The step-by-step method to create unique sounds (value 59€)
  • The special drums trick for Future Funk (value 59€)
  • The rule of the 3 models for your kicks & sub and which one to use (value 59€)
  • Sound tests of how you're mixing : realize what errors you do and how to fix them (value 59€)
  • Review and analyse of tracks (value 59€)
  • How to build a whole complete acapella processing chain for free (value 59€)
  • The 8 secrets to stack drums samples and tricks from Dua Lipa Producers (value 59€)
  • The definitive mixer track chain to BOOST your ACAPELLA (value 59€)
  • Stacking Layers : Build innovative stacks (value 59€)
  • The mixing method electronic producers forgot from the analog music era (value 59€)
  • How to never miss the opportunity to make people dance on festivals (value 59€)
  • The reason why your drums sound out of your track and how to fix it (value 59€)
  • Reach your sound objectives (value 59€)
  • Fundamental sound competition : how to get out of this copy-the-pros race (value 59€)
  • The error nobody notices but destroys your chances to get charted (value 59€)

The various points above are seen inside different LESSONS organized in a powerful-results course.

On July 11th 2020, while I still didn't finish the lessons, it looks like this:

And even more..

(The total value of these lessons is over 1148€ but I'm gonna make this special offer limited to PRISM users only)

On top of these crazy contents, every material I use like Mixer Tracks, Recap Sheets, Project Files for these lessons are available as FREE Materials to download inside this special offer.

Only during 7 days after your PRISM order, get lifetime access to our best programs for:


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After 3 weeks following FBB (only few episodes to watch & take notes from), I just realize how lucky I am to get this on top of PRISM. Thx so much Hybie 🤠..

- Adam Tehk, 18 years old producer

I just joined the course but I've immediatly loaded FL Studio to apply everything! I don't regret my additional offer.

- Anonymous producer

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